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Meet the Boys

Bouzouki Playr Sydney

The boys in the band go back, way back. Their performance is a testament to their abilities as individual artists and their gel as a fresh new sound. They have already made a huge impact in the scene performing with the likes of Euro house superstar INNA and greek sensation Nikiforos. Sydney has been blown away with their performances at many big night clubs and arenas such as IVY, The Club, Compass, Max Watts & the Metro Theatre. Australia has already seen its fair share of the band as they have performed in Melbourne, Queensland & Adelaide. The future looks bright for this talented young act. 

A profile for each of the band members is below:

Greek DJ Sydney
Greek Wedding Band

Greg is a young, energetic and insanely talented bouzouki player who challenges the boundaries of ordinary Greek music with a modern touch. On top of this, he has a great passion for his traditional Greek culture and he never fails to put on a show. He has performed at sell-out Greek events like “Cuga cruise”, “Ola” and “Olympus” just to name a few.  With 10 years of experience  behind him, the crowd thrives on this iconic Greek instrument and it’s unique sound. His energetic tricks and charismatic personality is shown when entertaining a crowd. He prides himself on being one of the most versatile, reliable and enthusiastic bouzouki players in Sydney. 

Bozouki Sydney
Bouzouki Sydney

Arky is a highly versatile drummer who has spent the best part of 15 years mastering a buffet of genres including rock, metal, funk, jazz, dubstep and his beloved Greek. Arky began the touring circuit playing drums when he was 11, seeing more of Australia than your average Aussie kid. Years later he joined the former pop-rock band ‘Arms Attraction’ who were recorded by gifted producers such as Daniel Johns from Silverchair and Will Pugh from Cartel. An insanely energetic performer, his bit on the kit is mesmerising as he dances in between crashes of the cymbals, throwing and spinning his sticks in the air and hyping the crowd. Arky has also dabbled in production, signed with fellow bandmate George to Jak’d Recordings releasing the harder styles of EDM under their DJ Duo Dualok.    

Bouzouki Player Sydney

Dj Mavros has been in the industry for over 10 years.. A Sydney DJ who started by spinning together bootlegs of big names in his bedroom as a young teen, released his first compilation series “Black Magic" at 16 years of age getting thousands of hits around the globe. He premiered and played at the biggest clubs around Sydney including IVY, Marquee, Home, Argyle and many more. Being of greek Cypriot decent, he has dominated the greek scene performing at events for the greek societies of NSW and being named on greek event lineups across the State. Specialising in extended set events he has played countless events from birthdays to weddings. His Career has also seen him perform as the Offical Dj for Sydney Fc Football club.  Mavros has also dabbled in production, signed with fellow bandmate Arky to Jak’d Recordings releasing the harder styles of EDM under their DJ Duo Dualok.    

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