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Sydney Bouzouki Player

Filoxenia is a culmination of two important Greek phrases, “filo” (meaning friend) and “xeni” (meaning strangers). These two phrases combined form the band name filoXenia (or in Greek philoxenia) defining the act of hospitality. In Greek culture, these concepts are at the core of every community, every family, and every individual. A trio of talented Greek-Australian guys who had already built their “filia” (friendship) discovered during a jam sesh that their combined talents created the most authentic sounds of modern Greek and English music; and thus, Filoxenia was founded… ​


​Filoxenia have vowed to bring a vibrant cultural experience into the hearts of every crowd they play for. This Modern Greek sensation create a sound that the Sydney events scene has been waiting for. They bring the passion of professional performance, nuanced by years of cumulative experience in the industry to private events and commercial arenas, creating fire with the feet of their audiences who just can’t get enough. Their sound is ingenious,  seamlessly mixing together (George) the rhythms of live drums (Arky) with the melodies of the Greek bouzouki (Greg) underpinned by a  vast variety of classic greek hits and EDM bangers.

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